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Deventon provides the highest quality headhunting services. We find real talents among managers
and specialists in various fields. We use unconventional recruitment methods, and when necessary - we are
very discreet. We work in 13 languages, we have 8 offices in 6 countries (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria,
Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia). We belong to the Silverhand Group.

Sectors of activity: finance and accounting, administration, pharmacy and healthcare, logistics and transport,
research and development, marketing, IT - programming development, engineering, medicine, sales,
human resources, legal services, as well as industry and production.

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Global IT & tech recruitment

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Global IT & tech recruitment

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  • Ms. Kamila carried out my recruitment process very efficiently, they show great interest in its course and being available at key moments

    Marcin - Project Manager

  • I contacted Deventon because I was looking for a job that would be a (well paid) challenge for me and they met my expectations. Now I'm working on an ambitious project that gives me a lot of…

    Michał - Front-end developer

  • I highly recommend working with Deventon. The recruitment process was very smooth and I received useful feedback at every stage

    Paweł - Programmer C++

  • I received a very attractive job offer that meets all my requirements. I am grateful to Deventon for their help

    Adam - PHP Developer

  • I recommend Deventon to everyone who wants to quickly find a job that's right for them. For me cooperation with Deventon was a short and simple path indicated by very reliable people

    Piotr - System Analyst

  • Deventon crew is a team of very specific, experienced people who know the IT industry well. It's worth using Deventon's help

    Szymon - Administrator Linux